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Turn more browsers into buyers | Hosted by Thierry Augustin
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Thierry Augustin
Thierry Augustin

About the instructor

Thierry Augustin is an E-commerce Business Strategist and the Founder of Augustin Strategies, LLC. Through private consulting, online courses and in-person workshops, Thierry helps e-commerce entrepreneurs find clarity and increase sales in their online businesses.

So here’s the good news: you’ve started your online store, you’re getting traffic, and random strangers from the Internet are actually clicking on your products. The bad news: you’re not getting sales—or at least not as many as you know you should be. So what gives? How do you turn more visitors into shoppers—and keep them coming back? The solution: copy. What’s the difference between products that sell and those that collect dust on the virtual shelf? Copy

If you can’t express the value your products bring to a customer, then the conversation ends right there! Customers need to know what’s in it for them, why buying from you will actually bring them the solution they’ve been looking for. 

That’s where Copy to Cash comes in! In just 10 video lessons, this crash course will have you on your way to copywriting like a pro—even if you’ve never written sales copy before. 

I’ll teach you the principles (and my personal formula) that I’ve applied to help e-commerce stores increase conversions and average order values. Plus, you can apply the same tactics to your product descriptions, Facebook ads, social media captions, or anywhere else you’ll have your products in front of a buying audience. 

Learn the art and science of making your products matter to online shoppers and turn more browsers into buyers!

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